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~~I was on vacation in Lake Tahoe and in need of a chiropractor ASAP... It was a Tuesday (usually a difficult day to find a clinic open- as most Chiro's are only open M-W-F... I should know because I am also a Chiropractor!) I called Dr. Borges' clinic explained my situation and was given an appointment within the hour of my phone call. Not only is the clinic's staff professional and welcoming, Dr. Borges knew exactly what to do to take care of my spinal issue- as I stated before, I too am a Chiropractor in practice for over 20 yrs. and I know exceptional care when I see it (and feel it!). I highly reccomend Dr. Borges to anyone in need of Chiropractic care.

~~After painting the entire inside of my house, tiling my bathroom, canoeing the Russian River, and golfing my lower back/hip was in excrutiating pain to where I could barely move or put pressure on my right leg. Thanks to David Borges, D.C. adjustments to my neck, back, and lower lumbar, I can now move and have very little pain. My pain levels decreased within a 72 hour period. Dr. Borges took the time to get to know me and my previous conditions that had required chiropractic treatment. His "bedside" manner is wonderful and he lets the patient make the decisions on how much or little care one would like to have and lets one know up-front what that cost will be. I will always seek my continued chiropractic care from BORGES CHIROPRACTIC, South Lake Tahoe.

~~My Partner in Crime finally had three decades worth of beating on himself catch up to him when he threw his back out at work (doing something silly, like opening a door). He called in, was able to get an appointment the same day, and ended up gimping over to Dr. David to get put back together. He's been back half a dozen times now, and seems to be getting better - the periods of time between visits are getting further and further apart.
Dr. David is also a really approachable doctor. He explains things in plain English, very firmly sets limits on what his patients can and cannot do and keeps pushing the (very stubborn) PIC to pursue yoga, as it will help his back (something someone he lives with might have been telling him for months *cough*).

Highly recommend Dr. David for all your chiropractic needs.

~~Both Doctors are very kind, caring, educated, experienced, professional, patient, and VERY good! They get results!
The two ladies that work in their office/billing are so nice, professional, and compassionate.
I am SO HAPPY I have found Borges chiropractic.
I feel like I have found the gem of chiropractic in South Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area. They are truly trustworthy and have earned long-term patients in me and my family.

~~I have receive chiropractic care by some very excellent chiropractors over a span of about 30 years. Dr. David Borges has a skill like none other. That is a real and serious statement! In addition to his education, years of experience, his calm and caring demeanor, and his excellent knowledge of the body and disorders, this man is simply gifted! But, he is also humble and has a great sense of humor.

As far back as I can remember, when I would go to the chiropractor for a maintenance adjustment, or any adjustment for that matter, I would walk in without a headache and leave with one-sometimes a raging one. It didn't matter who the chiropractor was, it would happen every time. With Dr. David it is the opposite! I walked into his office with a gnawing headache one day when I brought my son in for his adjustment. Dr. Borges fit me in graciously, adjusted my neck, and I left WITHOUT a headache! Seriously! I am still amazed by it because it never happened before in all of my years of receiving chiropractic care. He also adjusted my hips so well that my recurring sciatica was non-existent until I cracked my own back out of place again-darn bad habit! I'll be making another appointment this week for that.

I feel compelled to agree with another reviewer in that Dr. David Borges is brilliant and extremely good at diagnosing and treating his patients. His bedside manner is excellent and his communication skills are outstanding. Best of all, he gets results.

Within a matter of a minute or two examining my 9 year old son, he diagnosed him with a pretty severe displacement in his neck, which Dr. Borges guided me to feel. It was significant. My son has had some issues with his sight and sinuses that have plagued him since he was a toddler so I always suspected there might be something going on with his neck, but no other chiropractors he had been to had mentioned anything about his vertebrae being that ridiculously far out of place. Within about 4 sessions, all was back to where it should be. As a mother, this is HUGE! Thank you Dr. Borges!

If you are on the fence about making a chiropractic appointment, this is the man to see.

~~The best adjustment I have ever had and I am a 52 year old active athlete. Dr Borges spent 20 minutes going over my symptoms and explaining my treatment . That would never happen in So Cal. the office staff is so nice and helpful as well . Will always visit this office , but hope I don't have to .
~~If there were more stars to give I would. After spending 1 1/2 weeks in 2 different hospitals for stroke like symptoms, 200,000 plus dollars in medical bills several MRI'S and CT SCANS and many different Dr's. Borges Chiropractor found my problem and has done wonders for me. Praise God and the Borges.

~~We are so lucky to have David and his wife Karen here in Lake Tahoe, from my first visit I knew I was in good hands. I go to Dr. Karen - she is great! I relocated from the Bay Area last June and had been going to someone who specialized in the Activator Method. They are both dedicated professionals helping their patients feel better so they can resume the activities they enjoy. As I say "why hurt when you do not have to" - just call the office and schedule an appointment with either David Borges or Karen - guarantee you will be feeling great again soon!
Debbie K

~~I was recently in a car accident that caused major pain to my back, neck and shoulder. The pain kept me up nightly and I was on medication that gave me very little relief. I was advised to go see Dr. David and get a diagnosis. I filled out the required paperwork and began treatment three times a week.

I am now on my sixth week and I feel normal with very little dicomfort. He was very thorough and adjusted me back to recovery.
This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I was reluctant to say the least. I am now a firm believer and truly see the benefits to the craft.
Dr. Borges is very knowledgeable and can be 100% trusted to get you back to normal.
I would highly recommend this company! Thank you Dr. Dave

MD in SLT: Only one experience to relay, but it was overwhelmingly positive.
My 10 year old son developed low back/hip pain over a couple days. Of course, it was right at baseball All Star time and he did NOT want to drop out or be limited by pain! As it got worse, he said it hurt most of the time and his gait walking and running suffered from the pain. It became clear it was more his SI joint than his back or just a muscle strain.

More than a couple people said a variation of the following "Have you taken him to a chiropractor? Oh, but you are a medical doctor so probably hate them/don't believe in that/won't do that." Let's clear that up first. I have never been to a chiropractor, but as a doctor whose training included pain medicine, I have seen that they can help and used to refer people with certain issues to a select group of chiropractors that were reputable and honest and did their job well. Not all medical doctors have a negative view of chiropractors and I hope, the converse is also true!

So... I checked out some reviews and took recommendations. Dr. Borges was a name I knew from friends. We walked in and were treated very well by the office staff. They understood that we were hoping to be seen that day even though we hadn't been there before. They had me fill out the paperwork, let me deal with insurance later and got us in.

My son LOVED Dr. David. He talked to him like the mature 10 year old he is while still helping him understand what he was saying. He used the spine model to demonstrate (points from me) and explained what he was doing during the exam.

He adjusted his SI joint and told us we were good to go. My kid said the pain was immediately better although he was still sore (from inflammation that was no doubt there). But, he was able to practice THAT DAY and all soreness was gone with ice, etc after a few days. He has never again had the pain that kept him from walking/running after the adjustment.

I was joking with Dr. Borges about the approach- if we went the medical route, we would have to schedule an appointment 2 weeks out, get an MRI, see a specialist, and then be told to ice it (or see a chiropractor if the doc was open minded, LOL). We also joked about how I checked out the waiting room to see if he was peddling woo woo. None to be found or I would have probably left. Great guy and fun for us to chat.

Anyway, even if he hadn't been able to help my son, I would have appreciated his manner of care, his kind staff and his matter-of-fact approach.

Great experience and we will likely be back if any of us needs it.

Drs. Borges and Staff:

"This is to let you know how much we appreciate you. Your receptionists are always so cheerful and helpful. We think of you first when it comes to health care because you have come though for our family over and over again. We trust your knowledge and expertise, we appreciate your convenient availability and its apparent that you care! Thank you so much for all you do and please know that we count it as a huge blessing to be able to count on you!" M.R.

Dr. David:

"Thank you for caring. I greatly appreciate the time and effort taken by you to get me some relief from this pain." D.G.

Dr. Karen:

"For years, Allstate has said they you're in "Good Hands" with them. I'm here to tell you they don't come close to you and your good hands. When I saw you yesterday, I was in a world of hurt. Today, I'm far better, heading quickly back to normal. And I can't thank you enough. So for now, we won't go after Allstate for false advertising. We'll just let them keep their Good Hands because with Dr. Karen, you're in GREAT hands. And Great beats being merely Good every time." J.B.

Dr. David:

"Just a note to say thank you for all you have done for me of the past 5 years as well as you efforts to find me a chiropractic doctor after we moved. I wanted you to know that your #1 in my book." J.F.

Dr. Borges:

"It's time again for all of us here at Tahoe Fracture to say thank you for helping out with the medical student education program. The feed back that we receive from the medical students is that their experience with you is very valuable. It is all the much more appreciated that you are part of our rotation." S.S., M.D.

Dr. David Borges:

"We are safe and sound in Colorado. The back is doing well. No more chronic pain, just sore once in a while. Life is so-o-o much better this way! Please thank you staff for me. They, as yourself, were so kind and helpful. It meant a lot to me, especially dealing with pain and life change issues." H.L.

Dr. Borges and Wonderful Staff,

"Thank you so very much for your amazing kindness to me. My vacation with my family would have been "very painful" without your care and the sweetness of the staff." MF

Dr. Karen:

"Thanks for all you help. I'm feeling great now." LC, D.D.S.

Karen Borges, D.C.

"Thank you for referring M.R. to see me. It is extremely unusual to get bilateral acute ulnar collateral ligament tears. Your diagnosis was absolutely correct." SWS, M.D.

David Borges, D.C.

"Recently, we received a Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire from one of your patients. They indicated that their satisfaction with your services was very high. Thank you for the quality healthcare services you provide to our member participants." M.V. Manager Quality Management

Dr. Borges:

"Thanks so much for coming in to see me on a Saturday night even though you didn't know me! I really appreciate your time - my ribs are feeling much better and I'm back to my active self." JG

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