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Electronic Health records have become an integral aspect of living green by using less paper and increasing record keeping efficiency. Our office has joined the electronic revolution. We like to give choices, you can start by using paper at the office, down load the forms on this web site or use PatientAlly electronic health care records online. If you choose online it takes about 2 minutes to set up the free Electronic Health Records account and about 30 minutes to fill out all the Health forms.

Our Electronic Health Record online application process is generated through For you will need:

1. To get a Patient Security Code from our office: Just call the office at 530.544.5800 and the code will be generated and given to you.

2. Sign Up online at

3. Select your Provider.

Call the office at 530-544-5800 to get your personal Patient Security Code. We will need your Last name, First name, Date of Birth and the email address that matches the one you are using on Sign Up to We will be able to get your Patient Security Code over the phone and it will also be emailed to you.

Click PatientAlly to get to Click the button Sign Up Now, enter all required fields: User Name, Email, Security Questions, etc..., check the "I have thoroughly read and accept the terms for the use and agree" and click Create Account. An email will be sent containing a temporary password, which will allow to login to PatientAlly with the user name created. The email will advise you to change the password once logged in. The password is case sensitive so using the function "copy" and "paste" is advised entering the Members Login.

Once logged in, complete the personal profile with tab for General demographics, Insurance information (if the patient is a dependent on someone else's insurance, change the Patient Relationship from Self to the appropriate relationship using the drop arrow, and complete the information regarding the insured party).

Select Your Provider: the information needed is

" City - South Lake Tahoe
State - CA
Zip Code - 96150
Last Name - Borges
First Name - David "

When you upload your information you will be asked for your personal Patient Security Code that was given to you from the office.

If you have questions you can see the detailed instructions below or you can call our chiropractic office at (530) 544-5800 any time and our helpful and friendly staff will give you any assistance you may need.

Filling out the forms online will reduce your waiting time in the office and will take approximately 30+ minutes from the convenience of you home computer or laptop. Once you have filled out the information, phone our office at (530) 544-5800 for your first appointment.

If you decide to input all your health information into PatientAlly, it will be the last time you'll need to fill out health forms at any doctors' office (unless your health care information changes). Because:

  1. You will be able to print any of the forms at home and take them with you to any doctors' office.
  2. Or any doctor can join PatientAlly for free and download your health information from the internet (with your approval).

Step 1. Creating your account (this takes about 2 minutes)

  1. Call the office (530) 544-5800 to get you personal Patient Security Code, Go to PatientAlly
  2. Click on blue SIGN UP NOW! button on screen at the far right side of the web page to create a new account.
  3. Enter all required fields.
  4. Accept terms of use and agreement. Create your Security Question and Answer, Enter your Patient Security Code.
  5. Click on Create Account button.
  6. Your account had been successfully created. A temporary password with be sent to the email that you provided (this is usually immediate but can take up to 15 minutes)
  7. You will see the following message: The next time you log on you will be prompted to change your password.
  8. Press the Continue button.

Step 2. Selecting Your Provider

Go to the My Providers tab at the top of the home page and click on Manage Providers on the drop down menu. Click on Add New Provider and enter the following information where prompted in order to select David Borges, D.C. as your OfficeAlly provider

City - South Lake Tahoe
State - CA
Zip Code - 96150
Last Name - Borges
First Name - David

Select Provider David Borges, D.C.

Step 3: Creating Your Profile

Go to the Profile tab at the top of the screen and click on Patient Profile. You will see the following tab
General: Please fill this out to save you time and paper work in the office.

" Patient Information: Name , etc
Contact information: Your physical address
Employer Information:
Emergency Contact: In case we need to call some one on your behalf
Insurance: Please fill out if you have insurance
Primary Insurance: The insurance company you ask us to bill.
Primary Insured - The persons name on the policy
Secondary Insurance - If you have two health insurance's "

Pharmacies - Not used in a Chiropractic Doctor's office

Forms - This will organize all of your health history in one file:

" Medications
Surgical History
Family History
Social History "

Visit Summary: You will be able to see what was written down during your visit and sent to another chiropractic or medical doctor if needed. You have the control of your health information

Other Profile Tabs

" My Family: Provides details of your family members.
Add Family Member: Allows you to add family members to you profile.
Print Medical History: Here you can choose which reports that you filled out to be exported to a .pdf file and you can print your own hard copy.
Settings: Here you can change your password, e-mail address and security question and answers. "

Step 4: Managing Your Healthcare Record and Appointments with Borges Chiropractic

All the material you filled out online is immediately available to our office. Before you can make an online appointment you will need to make a request through PatientAlly. See the 3 step process below under Appointment. Once we get the request we will, usually the same day, respond back to you and you will have made a successful online appointment. Remember after you send a message you must get a response from our office before the online appointment is reserved. For the first appointment, it is easiest to call (530) 544-5800.

Go to the Healthcare Requests tab at the top of your screen to see the drop down menu with the following tabs:

" Messages: Here you can send private messages to Dr. Borges via PatientAlly.
eVisits: This feature is not being used in our office.
Appointment: Here you can make/reschedule appointment online 24/7.

  1. Make the appointment request. Located on the right hand side of the calendar, you first must select Provider David Borges (530) 544-5800 and then click on Office Location before you can request an appointment
  2. Choose a date and time on the calendar and left click. Fill out Request and Appointment information: you will be asked for a contact number: enter your phone number and comments: enter the reason you are coming: e.g. neck pain. Click OK.
  3. Wait for confirmation from Borges Chiropractic. You will receive an email in your PatientAlly In-Box. If you need to make an appointment right away, you can always call the office at (530) 544-5800 for assistance.
Document Center: Here you can upload your Social, Family, Surgical, Allergies, Medication documents that you have filled out in the Profile tab.
Submit Health Forms: If you have any health records and want them online, you can load any .pdf file or word file to your patient record that you have stored in your computer
Prescription Refills: Not used in chiropractic doctors office. "

Test Result tabs: Not used on our office.

My Providers tab: See Step 2 above Manage Providers: This allows the user to add or delete providers from the list and to edit non-PM/EHR providers that you may have added.
Submit Health Form: This allows the user to send documents via the PatientAlly Inbox secure channel to others
Resources tab: PatientAlly resources and information
Help: Here you will find the Patient Ally User Guide if you need additional help
Blood Sugar Log: Not used in our office.


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