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It takes about 2 minutes to set up your free Electronic Health Records account and about 2 minutes to make an appointment. 

Our Electronic Health Record online application process is generated through For here is the link for  or copy paste URL  You will need:

1. If you are an existing patient or a new patient call the office at 530-544-5800 to have us send you an OfficeAlly invite get your personal Patient Verification Code. We will need your First name, Date of Birth and an email address or a cell phone number that can receive a text in our system that matches the one you are using on Sign Up to Your Patient Verification code will be emailed or texted to you (your choise).

2. Via email or text from Patient Ally, you will be asked to access your health records (the link will last for a few days). Go to Patient Ally web site   

3. You will see the Welcome to Patient Ally screen.  How would your like to receive your Patient Verification code? By Text / By phone (choose one)

4. Once you receive the Verification Code text or email. Please enter the code you were sent.  6 numbers 

5. Connect or Create your account.  Do you already have a Patient Ally Account?  Choose one: No, I do not / Yes, I do

6. Create New Account: User Name needs to be 5 characters long and the Password needs to be 6 characters long.

7. Congratulations! Login to Patient Ally  Please sign your name to accept this agreement.

8. To make an appointment click on the Appointments bar on the left hand side.

9. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a green circle with a + sign inside a calendar. Select the green circle.

10. Select provider Office.  David Borges, D.C. or Karen Borges, D.C.

11. Select day on the small calendar icon on the right hand side 

12. Select time. For example 3:00 pm

13. Confirm details and select Request Appointment tab

14. Here at the office we will see an appointment was requested and will Confirm Appointment.  

15. You will receive an email or text we confirmed the appointment. Done! :)

If you have questions you can call our chiropractic office at (530) 544-5800 any time and our helpful and friendly staff will give you any assistance you may need. 

Sign-up using the form or call us at (530) 544-5800 to learn about our latest offers!

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